Creating Paper Figures (minis)

So I tried making some paper minis a while ago and I think it’s going to be a regular thing now. I use them in my games because I find they are a great time saver, cost effective and if I need more I can just print them up. These minis I show here (and more) are available here for download. Since these are my first go at making them they have a silhouette on the back. I hope to have back art on future minis I make. Here is an example of them on one of my battlemaps:

I thought I would write up a tutorial on how I like to make them. There is, of coarse, no right or wrong way to make them. You can print them out, bend them along the line and make a tent figure out of them if you like. I like to make them more robust because I tend to travel a lot with them. I also use Pathfinder paper figures and like them to be compatible.

I also use pizza trays to carry them around so they are easy to find and use quickly. These are some of my Pathfinder minis.

Anyway, to begin I print them out with a regular color laser printer and then glue them to Bristol board from the dollar shop. I use 3M spray glue because it seems to cover areas evenly and doesn’t warp the paper.


I then carefully cut them out with a box cutter. I use cheap ones because they tend to dull quickly cutting paper and a dull box cutter can quickly ruin a figure. I use a metal ruler to help keep my cuts straight. I find I have to press down fairly hard on the ruler to keep it or the paper from moving especially if the blade is dull.

Once I have them all cut out I score them along the center line and carefully fold them over. You want to make sure you fold them straight or they won’t look very good.

I can then put them in a pizza box to use in a game as needed. I like these because I can print up as many as I want. I like to use Disposable Heroes plastic bases with my minis and also with the Pathfinder minis. I find they hold on better but they can be tougher to attach.

It doesn’t matter which base you use or if you even use a base. If you score the minis along the bottom you can fold them over into a tent shape.

Well I hope you’ll give paper minis a try.

Oh yeah and one last thing:

Pathfinder and Disposable Heroes are both trademarks of their respective copyright holders and their use here is not meant as an infringement or claim on their property.