Maze Rats by Questing Beast Games – this is a wonderful little rules lite OSR 2d6 RPG.  The rules utilizes a lot of random tables and uses an innovative magic system. I personally love this game and even made some of my own home brew rules for it. Did I mention it’s Creative Commons 4.0? If you’re into brilliant rules lite RPGs you should try this little gem out.

Stars Without Number Revised by Sine Nomine Publishing – What a crazy age we live in right? This SF game is completely free, gorgeous, D20 and revised! What more do you need to know? Go get it already!

Dungeon Starters (Dungeon World) by Fine Mess Games – whether you’re new to DW or an aged master, dungeon starters are just awesome! Get your game off and running quickly with these handy starters. A blank dungeon starter sheet is also included so you can make your own (don’t forget to share).

Compendium classes and other goodies for Dungeon World by Tim Franzkes and Tony Ferron – who doesn’t love Dungeon World? I certainly do. and you can never have enough compendium classes. There is also a blank CC form, lots of advice and other stuff. If you play DW you should check it out.

The IPA for language learning by – a phenomenal resource for a GM that wants to create their own language. Creating a believable language is a huge challenge and undertaking but one I think every GM should try at least once. When you have the IPA figured out you can start typing out the pronunciations for your new language with this handy tool. Don’t forget you’ll need to also figure out what the language looks like. I apologize in advance for introducing you to this wonderful hell so no need for hate mail.

OSR: 1d500 Biological Mutations by Coins and Scrolls – I thought these were pretty cool and could definitely come in handy.  They are 2 d500 tables of random mutations. He gives them away as html or .pdf